Hersonissos does not need many recommendations: it has been the most cosmopolitan resort of Crete for decades and welcomes thousands of visitors every year from around the world. The seaside town of the port of Hersonissos is a beehive of activity while the harbor of Hersonissos is famous for its night life as there are many bars, restaurants and taverns next to the beach. Daily cruises are also organized to the neighboring island of DIA and many other small islets and beaches in the area by our travel agent. Hersonissos will offer you countless entertainment and leisure options and easy access to major sights, archaeological sites and traditional villages. Moreover the variety and extent of Hersonissos coastline make it possible for bathers to enjoy a wide number of different beaches to swim, all of them lapped by warm, crystal clear water.


Koutouloufari is a picturesque village just 1 km north of Limenas Hersonissos. The village retains its traditional Cretan color and its Cretan folk architecture, while offering facilities for food, coffee and drinks. If you are looking for a short relaxed drive, Koutouloufari is a good choice for your afternoon or evening stroll on its narrow paved streets. You can also visit Piskopiano and even see Cretans in traditional costume on the Cretan Nights held in the nearby village of Ano Hersonissos every Monday.


Krasi is 22 km away from Hersonissos. It is a traditional mountainous village built in a lush landscape. The visitor, while ascending the uphill and the winding road in the direction of Krasi, has the opportunity to admire the panoramic view of the north coastline of Hersonissos. In the central square of the village you will admire the huge perennial (2400 years old) plane tree that is considered one of the oldest trees in Europe. There are fountainheads that flow clear and potable water all year round just opposite the plane tree. There are also several cafes and traditional taverns that are famous for their traditional dishes cooked in wood ovens.


Mochos is a popular choice for a short excursion as it is only 15 km away from Hersonissos. Walk in the scenic and narrow streets of the village where you will see the stone-built houses of Cretan architecture and the well-preserved historic churches and then rest in the main square of the village. Traditional feasts which last until morning are organized in the village every Wednesday, during the summer season, where you can enjoy traditional Cretan music and dancing. The shops in the square offer their services by serving food and plenty of wine, while dancers with traditional costumes teach tourists how to dance.

Lasithi plateau

Dedicate one day to visit the Lassithi plateau. The plateau is situated at an altitude of 800-850m and there are a series of traditional stone-built flour windmills at the main entrance of the plateau. The main road that surrounds the Plateau passes through most of the villages. The main streets of these villages are full of tourist shops with traditional pottery and wefts and with cafes and taverns with excellent food. This amazing circular route is ideal for cycling, in the spring and summer. Also Dikteon Andro is located here. Dikteon Andro is the cave where Zeus was born according to mythology. Every summer, at the end of August, in Tzermiado village, the “potato festival” is organized. The events last about three days. You can also visit the nearby Limnakaros & Katharo Plates from the Lassithi plateau.


The island of Spinalonga is one of the places worth visiting during your stay in Crete. It is a small island served as a fortress in the years of Venetian domination. It became known for its most recent history as the place of hospitality of the lepers community in the early 20th century. Today it is a candidate area for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List. To visit Spinalonga you have to drive to Elounda and from there take a boat to the island. There are also departures from the beautiful seaside village of Plaka.


Heraklion, the largest city in Crete, is 24 km away from Mari Kristin Beach Hotel. It is a modern city full of shops and remarkable points of interest (museums, monuments, etc.). Taking a stroll in the heart of the city, a visitor will have the opportunity to admire a unique mixture of all the civilizations that have left their mark on Heraklion, which makes Heraklion an ever-appealing destination. The city today is ideal for simple everyday pleasures. A visitor can walk around the streets and squares of the city, the daily open-air market, the Venetian port, museums and churches, shops and taverns. The Archaeological Site of Knossos is worth visiting. It is the most important center of Minoan civilization and it is located in a short distance from the city. The Archaeological Museum with the richest Minoan collection in the world is located in the historical center of Heraklion. You can also visit the Historical Museum of Crete, the Natural History Museum of Crete, the Venetian harbor of the city with the Kule fortress, the metropolitan church of Agios Minas and others.


Rethymno is 102 km away from Hersonissos. Scroll around the narrow streets of the Old Town that retains its Renaissance character, discover beautiful shops, restaurants and cafes, visit the Venetian harbor and go to Fortezza, the city’s fortress to enjoy the stunning view. The coastal road of Rethymno is full of life and leads to a long, sandy beach. You will be able to visit monuments of different cultures that betray the history of Rethymnon.


It is well worth spending one day of your vacation in Crete to visit the city of Chania. With an emblem of the famous Egyptian lighthouse, Chania is a popular tourist destination. In the beautiful narrow streets of the old town you will admire monuments and architectural elements from different periods of time (Venetian, Ottoman, etc.) while you will find tasteful restaurants and shops. Do not miss a photographic background against the lighthouse and Yali Jamisi in the Venetian harbor and visit the Halepa mansion

Balos – Gramvousa

The lagoon of Balos in Gramvousa, Chania, is one of the most famous places in Crete. The turquoise waters, the white sand and the islet of Imeri Gramvousa in the background create an exotic and unique landscape. Access is possible either by boat from Kastelli Kissamos or by road to a point and then by walking on a path. For more information, please ask at our hotel’s general tourism office!


Mari Kristin Beach Hotel is located just 300 meters from the center of Hersonissos and a few steps away from the sea.